Genuine Stone Veneers in Slate, Quartzite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone and Concrete

S-TILESTONE is the perfect choice for your next interior or exterior project. Made from natural Slate, Quartzite, Marble, Sandstone and Concrete. These beaultuiful stone veneer sheets are simply beautiful, and machine with normal woodworking tools, giving the added benefit of quick installation and can be used on any surface.

S-TILESTONE is only 1-2 mm and weighs little as 1-1.5kg/m2.

TRAN-S-TILE is made from natural stone. The translucent backing of the sheet allows for backlighting.  I deal for creating stunning lighting effect that can be altered by changing the type of light that shines behind it: cold, warm, or even colored.

TRAN-S-TILE is only 1.5-2 mm thick and weighs 1.5-2 kg/m2.

ECO-S-TILE is manufactured with real stone reinforced with natural fabric, making it an eco-friendly product. It has the color, texture, and strength of natural stone. It's extremely flexible - able to be cut with a pair of sharp scissors and sewn by a regular sewing machine. This amazing product has countless applications.

ECO-S-TILE is only 0.5-0.8 mm and weighs little as 0.5kg/m2.

3D S-TILE is self-adhesive stone veneers consisting of very thin layers of natural stone. Available in peel and stick and mesh backing, these flexible stone veneer panels are must have for every building material shop. Whilst durable these thin panels offer a unique way of adding texture and structure to a room.

3D S-TILE is only 1.6 - 2 mm thick and weighs 1.8-2.5 kg/m2.

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