S-TILESTONE is an innovative material made by a unique processing using natural stone slabs. Applying a strong adhesive on a fiberglass/fabric backing allows us to peel a micro layer of the stone onto the sheet making it extremely flexible and light. Each sheet is distinct in texture and character which is inherent to the natural beauty of stone.

S-tilestone products are ideal for both interior and exterior projects. Applications include wall coverings, ceilings, column wraps, fireplace surrounds, bathrooms including shower surrounds, cabinetry, doors, furniture, elevator interiors, aircraft and yacht interiors. 

Our stone veneer panels are very thin and light weight, this allow for applications that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with standard stone slabs or tiles. Transport, engineering and installation costs are greatly reduced when using S-tilestone, making our product a versatile and eco-friendly option for all your projects.

Cutting our veneers can be done with standard woodworking equipment including table saws and jig saws. It can also be cut with a laser, cnc, or tile saws. Curved cuts can be done with long nosed tin snips.

Eco-S-Tile can easily be cut with fabric scissors.

Know your adhesives; by understanding the specifics of the adhesive, a good deal of time and cost can be saved. All adhesives should be tested prior to any installation including consideration of moisture and temperature in the planned environment. If the application is outdoors, consideration to thermal expansion needs to be taken into account. Since S-TILESTONE is a veneer it must expand and contract with the substrate or de-lamination may occur. Where adhesive primers are recommended the bond should be tested by the installer before final installation.


We recommend using the following adhesives:

  • Heavy duty construction adhesive.
  • Polyurethane wood glues and PU construction grade adhesives.
  • Solvent Free FRP adhesive.
  • Wood, parquet, and outdoor carpet adhesives.
  • Premixed grout and tile adhesive
  • Thick latex or acrylic latex type tile adhesive. Use only where air drying can take place. Not recommended for exterior applications.
  • Acrylic copolymer based tile adhesive.
  • Epoxy or Silicone (with primer only).
  • Construction grade multi-purpose adhesive or Polyester resin with filler.
  • Double-sided VHB Tape.